You Don't Have to Be a Marketing Expert!

That's right, I said it!

You do not have to be an "EXPERT" to reach your revenue goals! You just need to have a locked and loaded toolkit full of marketing strategies that will position you as a one-stop shop for your clients. Your Marketing Mastered is a course designed to teach all the skills that are necessary to inform and engage an audience, build reputation, awareness, and brand loyalty, and most importantly, SELL products and services.

What Happens When You Become a Marketing Generalist?

Being a generalist is not something to be afraid of. Having the ability to offer a variety of services and in-depth knowledge of how different facets of marketing work together is something that BUSINESS OWNERS NEED AND WANT! Inside Your Marketing Mastered, you will:

  • Learn tried-and-tested methods and processes to create an effective digital and content marketing strategy that you can use time and time again with your clients!

  • Learn how to create content that attracts high-ticket clients, engages an audience, and establishes your clients as industry leaders.

  • Learn how to better understand your audience and how to create content that your ideal clients crave!

  • Go behind the scenes into MK Digital Co. as we show you the processes and strategies we use with our clients.

What You Get Inside Your Marketing Mastered

  • Video Lessons

    Over 25 video lessons that walk you through the discovery process, strategy, creation, and implementation behind copywriting, branding and design, social media marketing, and PR and media relations.

  • Monthly Masterclass

    Receive Monthly Coaching or Training Calls to dive even deeper into the course content!

  • Templates & Swipe Files

    Each module is accompanied by templates, swipe files, workflows, and other resources that MK Digital Co. uses for its own clients that will make your life easier!

  • Community Support

    Access to the Your Marketing Mastered Facebook group where you will have direct access to the Your Marketing Academy team for questions, content reviews, additional training and resources, and monthly coaching calls.

  • Content Reviews

    Have a question about something you are working on for a client? Drop it inside the Facebook group and receive feedback from Mallory and the Your Marketing Academy Team!

What's Inside?

This Course will Walk You Through 6 Modules that Cover the Discovery Process, Strategy, Creation, and Implementation of Four Content Marketing Powerhouses!

  • 1


    • Before You Get Started

    • Intro / Storytelling 101

    • Know Your Brand

    • Know Your Brand Part 2

    • Understanding Your Customer Avatar

    • Customer Avatar Worksheet

    • Competition/Market Analysis

  • 2


    • Intro to Copywriting

    • SEO Copywriting

    • Copywriting for Email

    • Writing Your Sales Page

    • Website Copywriting

  • 3

    Social Media Marketing

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Content Strategy

    • Social Media Reporting

    • Hashtag Research

    • Managing FB Groups

    • Repurposing Content

    • Social Media Management and Monitoring/Listening

  • 4

    Graphic Design / Branding

    • Fundamentals of Design

    • Branding Process

    • Canva Design Basics

  • 5

    PR / Media Relations

    • Building Your Brand in the Digital Age

    • Online Reputation Management

    • Press Releases & Media Lists

Get Instant Access


  • When will I be able to access the course content?

    You will get access to all of the content immediately! Plus, once you are enrolled, you will have access to any new content that is created at no additional cost.

  • Can I get a refund?

    I totally understand the anxiety you feel when you invest in a new course. I am confident that anyone who purchases this course will receive a ton of value - which is why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. I can't promise you results, but I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the value you will receive from the course and the success you will have when implemented!

About Your Instructor

Mallory Majcher

CEO of MK Digital Co.

Mallory is a creative problem solver with a competitive fire. At her core, she cares about helping her clients tell their most compelling and authentic story to spark conversations that change the way customers talk about their brand. Mallory uses her marketing strategy and leadership experience to help businesses discover the heartbeat of their brand while building a unique identity to showcase their story and engage their audience. Lover of wine, puppies and Texas (#HookEm)! Non-lover of blow drying my hair and cleaning out the refrigerator. Founded in 2017 by Mallory, MK Digital Co. is a full-service creative and content marketing agency based in Kansas City. We love showcasing the heart and soul behind small businesses through compelling visual storytelling, utilizing multi-faced, integrated marketing strategies to help brands come to life.